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You lovely postie

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

img_1212319932_297_sm.jpgOh 3 years of search and I finally found a plug-in that actually posts via email and with all attachments and inline images in place. This opens up a lot of field options. Like posting from mobile, from email from anywhere that can send a mail J. This also helps post content with inline video, links and other multimedia objects. Quite fascinating aye captain !!

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Testing wordpress facebook integration facility

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I have been successful in becoming authorised facebook app developer, and I have my first app which basically works as a bridge between my wordpress blog and facebook wall. If you see this message, then it is successful.

Test Image.

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RSS feeds for my website

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

RSS feeds for my website. I am trying to create rss feeds for my website that I can display on orkut.

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Whats TCP and whats UDP

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

This is something I caught today in one of the mail chains of “security-basics” mailing list. God ! I love the way this guys explains TCP/UDP.

 Murda Mcloud to security-basics

I propose changing the name of this thread to ‘Starting up as an online
stand up comedian,(or a security consultant).’ Or both, perhaps. We have
seen some great material…and then we have this…

Two protocols, UDP and TCP are bar hopping across the US. TCP is making all
the decisions and doing all the planning.
“Do you want to go to Nebraska next, or Wyoming? How about New York?,” TCP
asks UDP.
UDP just shrugs like a bored teenager at every suggestion until TCP gets mad
and shouts, “God, you just don’t care what state you’re in, do you?”


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New website looks

Friday, November 7th, 2008

As promised I have brought up my new website looks. Now before you go saying ‘DUH!’ .. here is something you might want to look at, especially if you want to know more about how and what this site was built with, read on :


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this week’z been really bad

Friday, August 8th, 2008

This last week has been a mess. Caught in
some huge legal issues, may be sometimes I will write about it, for
the time being I am confirmed there are irrational illogical and
stupid people still out there. Getting India’s freedom last time
was easy, but now its impossible, because now the situation is
helpless. There is nothing you can do about these people but leave
them in their misery and continue with your life somewhere

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Dear visitor

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Dear Visitor,

My humble request to you to leave me some information about yourself and your location. I am tyring to craate a world map depicting locations from where my resume has been accessed. You are free to leave just your city infromation if you want. But please do leave me a clue.

That said, I thankyou for visiting my profile and spending time with me. Please drop me a comment or a mail if you need any further information about me, I will be glad to help. Please use the link at the top of the resume if you want to download the word resume.

 Thankyou and Please visit back,

Nikun Kumar Hotta 


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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

(Download .doc format resume)

Nikun Kumar Hotta

Mobile: +91 9845844664

Home: +91 80 64510580




Nationality:        Indian

Status:              Married

Location:           Bangalore, India.

Visa:                 US B1 valid until 2016


Executive Summary

IT professional with long industry experience specialising in business and technical aspects of Datacenter setups and Web Infrastructures. Equal expertise with Security and Web 2.0.

Specialist Skills:


·          Datacenter server setups and standardisation.

·          Web 2.0.

·          Server and security best Practises management.

·          Process and Project management.

·          People Management.

·          Open Source, Automation and Linux solutions specialist.

·          Technical Consultancy for operations setup and standardisation.


Personal and professional skills:

          Open to off work hours.

          Open to new technologies and work.

          Very efficient and fast self learner.

          Excellent communication and project management skills.


Professional Certifications


ó   RedHat Certified Engineer. Completed November 2008. Certifcate Number: 805008327135512.

ó   Sun Certified Solaris administrator. Completed November 2008. Registration: QF9SYD51A3, QFBSYD5212

ó   Certified Ethical Hacker (312-50) – April 2006

ó   Brain bench Certified Unix Administration (Solaris 10) – April 2008

ó   Brain bench certification in Server AdministrationApril 2008

ó   Veritas Volume Manager 4.0 Administration Course completion certificate from RCS: ES 310 – July 2007

ó   Diploma in Client Server Technology  from VJ Info– August 1999



ó   High school Education (10 +2), State board Orissa Council.

ó   Polytechnic Diploma in Computer Science from Orissa State Board. One paper Pending.

ó   Post Graduate Diploma in IT management from U21 Global University. Cont. since July 2008.


Experience Summary

ó   Over 8 years in Linux/Solaris infrastructure management in large, complex IT environments including:


Server Administration:                                         Linux and Solaris server administration. Installation (remote and local), base-lining, adding storage, configuring network and backups. Customised Kernel compilation.  Driver installation, Patch management, Scripting / Automation, Standardising server access and administration. – Expert Level

Cisco L3 Switches, Net scalar cache appliance and Load Balancers (Foundry and Resonate) – Basic Beginner Level

Documenting server and operational architecture, modifications. Creating operational run-books and standardising Documentation methods.

Server and OS troubleshooting:                                     Trouble shooting server breakdown and issues like memory, storage, drivers, OS, applications and hardware. Know Linux internals at kernel level. – Expert Level  


Architecture Design/ Consultation:                                Design and Implement production server environments for Datacenter applications. Design and Architect based on Budget, Performance, Security, Availability and Scalability requirements.  An expert with providing open source solutions and cost effective yet robust and fully automated solution to any technical problem. – Expert Level


Performance fine tuning, capacity planning, monitoring of Linux OS and Web environments.  – Expert Level


 Web administration and Mastering:                             Server Technologies: Apache, AOL web server, JBOSS, Netscape, Sun ONE web server. – Expert Level (Installation, troubleshooting, performance tuning)

                                                                                   Database Technologies: MYSQL, Sybase, ORACLE. –Intermediate level


Programming and Scripting:                              –            Shell Scripting – Expert level

                  PHP –                    Intermediate level

                  Java scripting –    Expert Level

                  Perl Scripting –    Beginner Level

Carry expert level knowledge on web setups and WEB2.0 technology.


System and Application Security:                     Windows Security, UNIX Security, Web security and web application security. – Expert Level

Storage and Server Virtualisation:                                Vmware ESX environment setup and Sun VirtualBOX environment setup. – Expert Level.

                                                                                   Veritas Volume manager – Intermediate to Expert level

                                                                                   LVM – Basic level


Team and Project management:                                    Equally efficient Individual contributor and Team player. Very efficient Team lead and Tech manager. Very effective at managing large scale projects, BU interactions, Process/SLA defining and standardisation. – Expert Level


ó   Expertise in improving any technology setup I am given, in terms of performance, availability, automation and security.

ó   Specialist with web environments and WEB2.0 migrations.

ó   Proficient in Linux internals and open source solutions to tech problems.

ó   Very strong programming skills in Bash scripting and java scripting.



Work Experience Details


Sungard Higher Education                                                                                  Jun’08 till Date

Leading global service provider on DR/BCP and Higher education products to major Universities and Education institutions around the globe.

As Tech Lead and Team Manager


ó   Technical consulting, designing and implementing Server solutions in Datacenter environments.

ó   Server Security hardening and environment security implementations.

ó   Server and setup automation for dev environments.

ó   Operations and technical documentation for infrastructure.

ó   Manage SA and DBA resources.

ó   Manage project logistics.

ó   Architect improvements to make server setups faster, scalable and high availability.

ó   Serve as ONCALL PRIMARY for my application 24*7*365, and rotational oncall for team.


Major Projects Handled:

ó   Re-designing of total server environment for centralised administration, log collection, monitoring, security, availability and access automation.

ó   Implementation of RSA Secure ID based Unix authentication on server environment.

ó   Re-designing storage and files access mechanism to use NAS and NFS over windows gateway for increased security and availability.


To name a few, have completed various successful migrations (details cannot be documented here)


America Online                                                                                                            May’06 to May’08

Global leader and forerunner of ISP and Web technology.  Member of Timer Warner group, is one of the biggest provider of Internet services and EMAIL/IM services in USA and around the globe.

As Sr. Systems Administrator

Member of Portal services. Along with general System administration duties:


ó   Technical Consulting, Designing and Implementing Server and web app solutions.

ó   Product ownership for Aol production applications like Search, Shopping, Favourite places and Talkback.

ó   Improve, monitor and administer server setups, storage, network, backup, code releases etc. for these applications.

ó   Automate and script programs to generate utilisation reports for application and server usage. Do capacity planning and performance tuning of owned products.

ó   Communicate and interact with Top management, VP and stake holders on application performance and historical trends, outages and downtimes and growth strategies.



Major Projects Handled:

ó   Implementation of scripts and systems for SOX compliance of Datawarehouse servers.

ó   Architecting Integrations of 137 Internal and external web applications into AOL dual layer authentication system (SNS).

To name a few, have completed various successful migrations (details cannot be documented here)



Facetime India Pvt. Ltd.                                                                                       Apr’05 till Apr’06

A leading global Security Company, providing world class Grey net security products and IM/EMAIL auditor products.

As Sr. Engineer (Product Engineering Services)


ó   Researching on new emerging IM, Mail and Network technologies and security threats.

ó   Guiding QA, Testing and Development team for product integration and Implementation on new technologies.

ó   Guide Automation team in creating shell/perl scripts for Network/Application test automation.

ó   Creating and configuring test setups for use by team.

ó   Resolving network and protocol level issues faced by team.

ó   Research on emerging Greynet security threats, and guide and resolve issues from Impact team.


Major Projects Handled:

ó   Implemented and setup a full robust network backup system for unix, Solaris, Linux and Windows servers. I used Self written Scripts  for the database backup and Rdiff-Backup system+Scripts for a full fledged Files and Directory backup system. Production level Database and Files relied on this backup system and the system is doing good too.

ó   Setup a full fledged and automated network monitoring system for Lab, Corporate and LAN servers/systems using Open source Pandora monitoring system.

ó   End to end automation of IDS Signature testing system from release to report creation.


Genisys, India                                                                                                              Apr’04 till Jan’05

A leading global Software and support services provider, based from UK.

As Consultant SA (Posted at Client Sun Microsystems, bangalore)

Member of Enterprise services team responsible for 100% uptime of Sun’s e-Biz complex Production servers. These application servers’ host mission critical applications like, Sun. net,, SES, and other web domain production applications of sun. In total we held 102 major applications to our team’s responsibility.

Remote Management:

– Web server administration and monitoring Using Topaz and Sitescope.
– Planning and integration of new applications and corresponding Monitoring setups.
– Installation and maintenance of central, redundant and high availability monitoring system using Topaz, Sitescope and Lighthouse scripts.
– Debug User accounts creation and policy management.
– Applications hosting and Feasibility reporting.
– Debug environment creation and application installation.
– Data backup scheduling and administration.
– Web Server maintenance scheduling and home keeping.
– Defining Escalation process parameters and leading my team members to resolve problems effectively and with minimum server downtime.
– Resonate administration and redundancy analysis for maximum server availability.


Genie Interactive Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India                                       Jan’04 to May’04

As System Admin

ó   Worked on technologies like IBM Mid Web server range and Intel platform. Redhat Linux 7.0, Apache 2.0 Web server, PHP 4, MySQL 3.0, MyPHPAdmin, Samba file server, Delegate Firewall.


ó   Primarily responsible for:

1. LAN networking, Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
2. Apache 2.0 Web server. Installation, configuration and maintenance.
3. PHP 4, MySQL 3.0, MyPHPAdmin installation and administration.
4. Samba file server installation, configuration and maintenance.
5. Sendmail SMTP and POP3 interface configuration and administration.
6. Delegate Firewall installation, configuration and administration.
7. JBOSS application server monitoring and administration.
8. ADSL Internet backbone installation and monitoring.
9. Microsoft windows clients access policies and logon administration.

System Administration:
-Creation of user accounts and policies on the domain.
-Creation and maintenance of virtual web domains and sub domains.
-Allocation and deallocation of Web space and mail space.
-Security monitoring and Backup Operations.
-MySQL database design, analysis and normalization.
Network Security assessment, Protection against Viruses and Worms and keep the software’s on the network, Berhampur, India                                                 Nov’02 to Dec’03

As System admin and Webmasterresponsible for Red Hat Linux 6.0:
1. Apache 2.0 Web server. Installation, configuration and maintenance.
2. Web Administration and monitoring of the Portal and the Online Account Storage System.
3. PHP4, MySQL 3.0, MyPHPAdmin installation and administration.
4. Sendmail SMTP and POP3 interface configuration and administration.
5. Creation and maintenance of virtual domains.

Additional Responsibilities:
Actively participated in the project analysis and Development of the Online Account Storage Module. This was totally developed on open source, PHP, Perl and MySQL. I was responsible for the Network backbone architecture of the system; overall data flow analysis and Database designing.

IIS Websity Pvt. Ltd., Visakhapatnam, India                                        Oct’2000 to Oct’02

As System Administrator

-IIS and MS SQL server installation and monitoring.
-Administration and Maintenance of the Development division’s LAN.
Linux 4.0:
Apache server installation and Maintenance as a dummy server for Web Site testing.
Maintenance and troubleshooting of the LAN setup in lab.

Additional Responsibilities:
ASP and E-Commerce Web site programming and development. Been part of Chat Engine, Mail Engine and Shopping cart project development team.

Personal Details

Will be furnished if required.


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working late today

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
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My website is up now

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

After being hacked for 7 times 🙁 and having redone 7 times , I am back with my new website again. Today I had been working until 4 AM (ironically july 4th until 4AM) to bring up the initial site. Over the coming days I will add in more to the album and start bloggin and putting on articles regarding my current projects. Life over all is the the best defination of chaos. I tread on…



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