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Day 7: Pillar work started

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Quite some updates from over the weekend. Pillar work started, sump has started holding water for construction, and I am still waiting to see my new house 🙂

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Day 3: First loan cheque released

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

The bank just released the first cheque for the loan amount against construction. This means the bullet train starts full speed now. Now bank headache is over, thanks to this guy named Naveen, he has helped a lot in the banking process. He is from the sales department in the bank. Now construction can run full speed without brakes. Looking forward to moving into my own house in 5 months time, and ofcourse newer headaches now. Hehe!!

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Day 3 of construction work

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Its painful. Very painful. But not in the way, I had imagined it would be. All the running around dealing with material guys, all the headache of dealing with builder, all the headache of meeting the chennai train with the mumbai flight (well ofcourse I am using a comparision). All of these headache and tension, which I thought would be a painful deal isn’t really painful when compared to the “WAIT”, seems like the work is going at a snail’s pace, although actually its very fast according to market standards. Its just one endless, painful wait for the day when the house would be constructed and I can move in :-). Its like waiting for you baby. While normal day to day life years seems to whiz by, during those 9-10 months of wait seems like time just stops. Believe me I know about this, I am going through it right now. I am so excited to meet my child, but I will only get that chance around May :-(. Oh yes the bank loan amount hasn’t still come.

(Left)The first Bricks load arrived on site today.

(Right)The pillar/column pits have been filled with aggregate and cement sand mixtures. Oh yes! that blue small pack that you see in the pit is my camera cover, it slipped from my hands. And no! I didn’t go in there to get it out, I asked one of the laboureres on site to get it.

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Day 2 of construction work

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Day 2 of house work:

Pillar/column footing work started. All holes, materials and laborers on site . Stone aggregates being filled into pillar holes. Bank hasn’t still released loan amount.

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IDBI bank sucks

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Idbi bank sucks. They want me to put my money and finish part of house construction work and then they will release the money I have put in. Why the heck would I need a home loan if I had cash to build the house? This makes no sense. They have already suck quite a lot of money from me in form of bribe. Bloody the government here has made the right provisions to make sure no machinery in the state would work without bribe. BBMP wont issue the required papers, so what do you have to do to get your bank sanction loan? Pay bribe!

Man this whole machinery sucks.

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House construction work started!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Ah finally!!! House construction work started. Last Friday, November 26th 2010, I did by bhoomi puja and started the work. As of now, the digging is finished, waiting for the house loan to be reimbursed by bank. This should happen by the end of this week. After that the house work will start full fledged.

People are right about the pains involved in building a house. Everything about such a project is time consuming and frustrating. Starting from finding the property to construction of house to latter maintenance. But  I disagree that its different between buying a flat and a house. From my experiences, they are both equally back-breaking. Only, in building a house, you have material returns for your pains.

I will keep posting more details on how and what I have gone through until now.


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Monday, February 1st, 2010

My home automation list is almost ready. I have also found a supplier in
marathalli to get some of the basic insteon and x10 switches. Man! Its
so difficult to find any supplier in India. And their costs are really
really really high.

I am thinking I might as well go with zigbee from NCD devices. They are
much cheaper, and come in 220v versions too. But the mesh hybrid network
can be a little complex. But heck, what does it matter, they aren’t
complex enough for me. I can solder a zigbee board myself.

Hmm.. but the decision to the final technology contender will happen as
soon as I have finalized my house blue print.

My “Janeman”, my AI for the home automation is also ready. She is built
of Charlix 0.4 and a lot of coding and programming I have done. I can’t
wait until my house is finished and Janeman 1.0 is deployed. This
reminds me, as I had predicted, apple IPAD is already out in the market
2 months earlier to my prediction. That means I can very soon get cheap
touch screens with wifi enabled for my house automation. I was also
searching for 2nd hand touch screen PDA’s, they would do the purpose

I should write a detailed description of my home automation, or probably
I will create a separate blog line for it.

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My land and My house

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

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Forget to write about my Land.

Bought land in Kr puram. Registration happened last November 19th, 2009. Its 3000sqft land, strategically located, beutiful surrounding and meets my dream requirements.

The back side of the land is open area belonging to a church, so it ain’t gonna be constructed ever. Its vast open lands. The other side is the market, and main road. The land is situated just by seegehalli bustand.

After 2 years of rigorous and spine breaking search, I finally got my piece of heaven. Bapi brought the side 3000sqft to my land. So between us two brothers we have 6000 sqft land, in bangalore, just 13 kms from MG road, 4 kms from kr puram railway station and 3 kms from ITPL. Finally the Hotta brothers have a permanant address outside orissa. And for me, I have got my reason to not go back to Orissa anymore, thankyou God.

The house blue prints are almost over, waiting for kuni to come back so that we can finalise the plan. I am in a deliema although as to wether to start construction immediately or wait for couple of years. One side I am so eager to go stay in my own house, while on the other end I want to hold back a little to make way for softer budget pressure. Probably a Job switch might help easen the budget pressure and get the house done.

Lets see.

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