December 15th, 2014

I had been using my own public ip address inside the angular controllers until now to access HooooH from the internet/outside. But I recently moved to 40 MBps fiber internet connection. The problem with the new ISP is they do not provide NAT on the public ip address. Hence the whole access mechanism broke. So now I have moved to Amazon EC2. This works with a reverse tunnel straight to the pi, I have also implemented google dual layer ssh authentication module for ssh and google oauth for HooooH access. So, currently the only way for the site to get hacked is if someone hacks into google oauth. But then I will have bigger worries to panic about 🙂 if that happens.

Also I have been evaluating push bullet for notifications. Its such a wonderful product. But I am not sure, how far I would like to integrate with it at the moment.



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