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HooooH 1st version is now ready

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

HOOOOH 1st version is now ready. 3 years of work. Here are the features:

1. Control all electrical devices around the house like lights, fans, motor, calling bell etc.

2. Take intelligent decision on when to switch on and off devices, based on environment, time, motion, light, temperature etc.

3. A whole gamut of sensors around the house feed its senses. Some examples are temperature, motion, light, etc. Now with camera integration done, soon even image recognition for people and objects around the house will become part of its sensory inputs.

4. Video security, with motion and people detection via camera around the house. Also live video streams can be watched.

5. The whole system is available over the internet, so I can keep an eye on the house from anywhere in the globe, including live video feeds.

6. Public and local access is protected by google dual layer authentication and complete ssl access. Every component that needs to be accessed over internet can be individually enabled/disabled for security. This is done via gtalk integration where I can talk with the system and ask it to enable disable components. The gtalk integration is in turn locked down.

7. A complete suite of alerting is integrated and enabled, such that even if I am not home and someone comes to the boundary gates, I get to know (And see via camera feeds).

The whole system is built with following technologies:

1. Hardware:
a. Xbee’s
b. A lot of other off the shelf electronics.
c. Raspberry pi- about 4 of them.

2. Server:
a. The server side is completely written in Python.
b. All server components run inside a raspberry pi. Complete low-power solution. I have been running the Raspi for over a years, 24 hours a day.
c. the webserver runs on Tornado/nginx architecture.
d. Frontend is web based. User Angular/Bootstrap. The system is available on any phone, mobile, tab, computer etc with a browser. Ofcourse, a decent browser is required.
3. The code is written in complete async model so that, the updates are real time. It works like a real time application dashboard.

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