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Shopping trip to SP road today- I just feel alive when I am there

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Had been to SP road in the afternoon today. Spent almost 5 hours there. Was tight on budget, so shopped carefully. But bought some very interesting stuff:

1. Top on the list is my brand new Raspberry pi board. This is the first one, and as of writing this post, I am already setting up XBMC media center on that and next will be moving the home automation server on to that. Will put up a separate thread on how it goes and some tutorials. Unfortunately 25$ board cost 3200 INR. Which is more then double the price. Sometimes its just tough being a maker in India.

2. I bought a power screw driver, so that fitting the home automation xbee boards wont leave me with a sore hand anymore.

3. Bought a solder pot, I badly needed one. Bought more LM35 temp sensors, 6 more water level sensors, CO sensor, LDR breakouts, 5v regulator breakouts, lots of jumpers and wires, and few more stuff.

4. Oh! I finally managed to get me electronics work bench “Helping hands”, they will make my life much much much easier now. Everyone who works electronics should have couple of them. Uptill now I was using self made ones. They were crude but served the purpose. I will post some picutres soon, so that it could be useful for someone.

5. Bought and replaced my HTC Incredible’s micro USB power port. When I had enquired at HTC service center, they had given me an exhorbiant price. I did it much cheaper. The port cost me 350 bucks and another 100 bucks to have it replaced at a local service booth at SP road. I could have saved the 100 if I had done it myself, but thats ok.

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Huh! 16 xbee’s per channel limit? not true

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Myth busted. I am running 23 xbee’s now on the same channel. There is a little noise, but not devastating as suggested in professional forums. Ofcourse I had to do a lot of tweaking, to achieve this. I re-did all my Python code, Pradeep re-did the whole PHP code. In short a complete asynchronous model running off Redis. Its awesome, what my little home automation project has become now.

Currently working on data mining, computer vision and learning and speech integration into the project. Oh yes! whole home audio, video integration done too. My small home automation is turning into a butt kicking awesome system.

I am running out of finance, I have to re-work my budgets 🙁

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Future of home automation !!!

Friday, January 4th, 2013

I was just reading through and realised something. I am surely going to try this.

Android phone + bluetooth + IOIO/ADK + xbee. Imagine the whole home automation server and brain inside an android phone, imagine the amount of availability, cost reduction and capabilities this can provide. I am definitely going to try this.

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As promised here is the home automation overview

Friday, January 4th, 2013

As promised I am actively working on the wiki and open source details for my Home Automation project. Soon I will be posting about them. But right now, here is a teaser and a very high level overview of the system that I have developed.


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