December 28th, 2012

I moved the whole system from mysql to REDIS. It has had its share of pro’s and cons. Mysql was more flexible when it came to searching data from the database. Redis sucks at this front, only direct access allowed or you have to loop through your data structures to match/find data. But other wise performance is very very high, and the no. of lines of code have decreased by about 50 %.

Moving to redis also meant that I had to recode all core modules. It took me 2 weeks to re-code. Its done but still has a few glitches, like the “on/off” system has trouble with threading model I am using now. Check_request wont run at all in background. But runs well in fore-ground. Will fix it tonight.

I finished implementing the temperature sensors, I used LM 35 as they were the only ones available. Still need to attach the xbee’s in Bedrooms and bath rooms. Also need to attach the door and water sensors. Need to modify code so that it dynamcially reconfigures XBEEE pin information and new xbee’s coming up. And need to enable 128 bit encryption on the xbees for security.

I end up working until early morning, yet its so little time. Only if I could work whole day on my project !

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