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Seagate disks! only good for wind chimes

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

My raid gave in. The WD disk is still going good in the raid. But the seagate disks died. Both of them ! at the same time! as soon as the warranty period was over! Its like there was a timer in there somewhere.

Any ways, yesterday I went to SP road and replaced all the seagate drives with WD drives. It cost me a hand and a leg, but hopefully I will not be reinstalling the system for next couple of years.

This has hit my home automation project time lines by couple of weeks

-UPDATE: I finally succeeded in opening up the old hard disks and scourging all parts, the motor and the ND magnets were the best spoils of the war. I build wind chimes out of the rest and they sound really good. I will post a picture soon.

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1st phase home automation completed !

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

I discarded the rf based automation efforts and stuck to xbee in the end. Currently the whole system dployess xbee in mesh and encrypted, no additional micro controller used, just using the XBEE IO’s, its working great.

Now I need to create a wiki and a correct blog for my home automation. Will update soon on how it goes.


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