February 29th, 2012

HOOOOH: How it all begun


It has been a long journey indeed. In January I decided I need to re-visit the reason I have struggled to build my own house for around 12 years now. It has been a painful struggle. But after the house was finished and I moved in, on August 18th 2011, my birthday :-). I had the most happiest and memorable birthday of my entire life.


I kept busy with continuing house work until November. But after the last labors left me alone with my house. I still found myself in the midst of a hectic life. But somewhere in the back of my mind I kept telling myself, I had run out of excuses, and I needed to start work on my dream project soon.


Building this home automation isn’t just a hobby or passion, its my dream. Now that my primary responsibilities are done towards my family, it’s time to realize my dream.


After a long gap of around 15 years, I held a soldering iron again somewhere in January. It was a rush seeing the solder melt, and fumes choke me. I cried, well almost, mostly from the stupid fumes from the stone dried flux 🙂


But it took me back to my days, when I could solder a radio out of murthy uncle’s electronics shop throwaways. I was excited and wanted to start building my rocket to moon. There I realized I was sitting on an empty bench with nothing more than a soldering iron and a flux dibbi. I had to hit SP road and buy me all those wonderful beautiful instruments, with those blinking lights and Chinese flashy colors. But weekend was still long way and my office schedule won’t let me take a breathing break until then. So instead I sat down and started planning my first version of HOME AUTOMATION hardware. I never got down using the hardware setup because of its some very stupid and silly draw backs. But I am sure; if I spend a weekend on it I can make it usable for this purpose. I am going to post them still, maybe someday someone looking in here might be able to pick them up and finish them. That is may be, if I don’t get to it earlier on some boring long weekend.


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