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Cubicle decoration day celebration :):)

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

A team mate of mine, Mahesh, forwarded me this message. I had to post this. Now I call this creativity. It’s a picture of cubicle decoration competition, commonly held as fun activity in many companies,  in a company I don’t know which, by a guy, I don’t know who. But the idea that, if, this could really happen in a office, I would work for free there 🙂 hehe…

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House construction work started!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Ah finally!!! House construction work started. Last Friday, November 26th 2010, I did by bhoomi puja and started the work. As of now, the digging is finished, waiting for the house loan to be reimbursed by bank. This should happen by the end of this week. After that the house work will start full fledged.

People are right about the pains involved in building a house. Everything about such a project is time consuming and frustrating. Starting from finding the property to construction of house to latter maintenance. But  I disagree that its different between buying a flat and a house. From my experiences, they are both equally back-breaking. Only, in building a house, you have material returns for your pains.

I will keep posting more details on how and what I have gone through until now.


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