December 30th, 2010

Its been 25 days since I posted some updates. A lot of work has been completed, and grounds covered. I even had a trip with the architect to finalise window and door positions, and by now the carpenter has been given the orders. Accordingly wall works started and finished. Tommorow Lintel laying will happen, including staircase centring.

Day 8:

PC140016 (Small).JPG

Day 11 and Day 12:

PC180037 (Small).JPG
PC180036 (Small).JPG
PC170035 (Small).JPG
PC170034 (Small).JPG
PC170033 (Small).JPG
PC170032 (Small).JPG
PC170031 (Small).JPG
PC170030 (Small).JPG
PC170029 (Small).JPG
PC170028 (Small).JPG
PC180040 (Small).JPG
PC180039 (Small).JPG
PC180038 (Small).JPG

Day 16, Day 17, Day 18, Day 19:

PC250064 (Small).JPG
PC240063 (Small).JPG
PC240062 (Small).JPG
PC240061 (Small).JPG
PC240060 (Small).JPG
PC230059 (Small).JPG
PC230058 (Small).JPG
PC220055 (Small).JPG
PC220054 (Small).JPG
PC220053 (Small).JPG
PC220052 (Small).JPG
PC220051 (Small).JPG
PC220050 (Small).JPG
PC220049 (Small).JPG
PC220048 (Small).JPG
PC250069 (Small).JPG
PC250068 (Small).JPG
PC250067 (Small).JPG
PC250066 (Small).JPG
PC250065 (Small).JPG

Day 22, Day 23, Day 24:

PC290084 (Small).JPG
PC290083 (Small).JPG
PC290082 (Small).JPG
PC290081 (Small).JPG
PC290080 (Small).JPG
PC290079 (Small).JPG
PC290075 (Small).JPG
PC290074 (Small).JPG
PC280073 (Small).JPG
PC280072 (Small).JPG
PC280071 (Small).JPG
PC280070 (Small).JPG
PC300089 (Small).JPG
PC300088 (Small).JPG
PC300087 (Small).JPG
PC300086 (Small).JPG
PC290085 (Small).JPG

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