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You lovely postie

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

img_1212319932_297_sm.jpgOh 3 years of search and I finally found a plug-in that actually posts via email and with all attachments and inline images in place. This opens up a lot of field options. Like posting from mobile, from email from anywhere that can send a mail J. This also helps post content with inline video, links and other multimedia objects. Quite fascinating aye captain !!

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Mysore trip on 3rd july

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

WOW! what a trip. Actually it all started as a trip to attend Ravi’s marriege.  But somewhere it became much more than that. His marriege was on sunday morning. We started on Saturday morning itself :-). Here goes the story .

Although we had planned to start at 6 am in the morning. We could only start at 8am on saturday, thanks to my beauty sleep. Kuni on the other hand had woken up early morning and had prepared Puri & curry for the way.

The puri and the curry
Oh she was soooo planned for a picnic trip :-). For her the whole trip was for the picnic. She was all head over toes for the trip to start. I quickly cached the google map and directions. Checked all my gadgets were charged, double checked my GPS, my chargers and my bluetooth were in the package. Then loaded all into the car and we were all set to go :-).

There were quite a few moments on the roads. Once we started on mysore road, the first stop was at maddur for break fast. We had famous madur bada of the “HOP” Fame. The we drove to Shivanasamudram. But after travelling all the way there we found out the water had dried up. Imagine a waterfall without water, Yeah, I felt the same.

Lazyest Gallery cannot find P7030073.jpg

So we travelled a little more ahead to Barachuki falls, where thankfully the water fall was operational still ;-). After that we started travelling back towards mysore. But on the way we found this beautiful spot for our lunch a Picnic. Yeah the one Kuni had been waiting for so eagerly. It surprisingly turned out to be fun, real fun. The picnic spot was by the river, and we actually had our lunch on a small island surrounded by water and “FISH”, ya a lot of them, swarming all around in the water. We had our puri and curry there. And we also fed the fish, the moment you threw a morsel of puri into the water, you could see the fish attacking it with all aggression.It was a fun sight, Kuni was all about feeding the fish then feeding herself. After lunch we walked around and took some more snaps. And then we started for Mysore, it was already raining, and the journey was mindblowingly beautiful and romantic.

Here is the slide show. Alternatively you can visit my albums page to have a look at all the pictures.

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Testing wordpress facebook integration facility

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

I have been successful in becoming authorised facebook app developer, and I have my first app which basically works as a bridge between my wordpress blog and facebook wall. If you see this message, then it is successful.

Test Image.

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Life’s a fluke, enjoy it while it lasts!

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
Life is no mystery

Life is no mystery

Life ain’t no mystery,

Life ain’t no Shakespearean poem that takes a life time to understand.

Its simple, fun and beautiful.

Don’t spoil your time trying to understand a mystery that doesn’t exist,

exploring challenges that answer nothing. Look around you,

take a whiff of the east wind, shout your voice high at the rising dawn,

smell the sweet nothingness in the air. Pat the stranger beside you and
offer him a drink.

Count the seconds that you experience life, waste life over your love
lady and feel good about it.

“Life is just a fluke, enjoy it while it lasts.”

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