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Monday, February 8th, 2010

Hehe… wifey is back so is lifey !

2 Months of nirvana, careless life, junkiest junk food, unending booze and a small but most welcomed chance to relive the golden days ;-), Bachelor Again days.

She has come back yesterday. Now life is back to normal track, daily responsibilities and weekends that turn into Monday instantaneously, with me wondering how Monday comes after Friday, the books were wrong. But I feel I am more than just happy, I am for the first so overjoyed that she returned back. Now I will have clean clothes to wear to office, my team mates can’t tease me for wearing the same dress to office for a whole week. I can have my morning tea before coming to office. I can finally stop wearing my socks, outside out one week and inside out another week (lol ya some other clothes too). Hehe.

But most of all I think, I am happy that my opponent boxer is back, I have missed fighting with her, and I have missed losing my free time to take her shopping. I have missed her nagging, I have missed her stupidity, I have missed her. I have missed losing my already rare freedom. This reminds me of a little small thing that I have realized over the past few months,

“Marriage sucks because you lose your freedom, but freedom is boring if your don’t have somebody to lose it over.”

Ah !!! Damn she is cleverer than I thought, she had said, before leaving, that I am gonna realize something very important about freedom. Now I know 😉

Yes honey I am getting you the hair dryer in a moment.

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