February 2nd, 2010

Today I wanted to write about Bangalore’s scum. The notorious and
dangerous auto drivers.

Every city has its scum, Bangalore has its own too. Bangalore’s scum are
the auto drivers, a nuisance on the road and a danger to other drivers
and users of the road. Its publicly accepted, everyone is frustrated of
this menace. The auto drivers have been able to escape the verdict until
today because, they at least managed to get people from point one to
point two. But now they have even stopped doing that. They don’t want to
take you where you want to go, they want to take you to where they want
to go, and for taking you to a place you don’t want to go, they want to
charge you double the meter. Lol, I guess, a lot of people will agree if
I say, auto drivers and their autos are no longer needed in Bangalore.

I guess, I miss the tricycle rickshaws, that you can see in lot of other
cities and towns in India. They are green, and let a poor guy earn a
hard day’s income. I would suggest, that auto rickshaws and their
notorious drivers be banned from riding in major city roads, and kept
off the beautiful Bangalore as far as possible.

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