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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Something I received over email today. Funny eh! I want one when I am there… but I would want one with a Tux on top đŸ˜€

Software Engineers never die… They just go Offline ….

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Monday, February 8th, 2010

Hehe… wifey is back so is lifey !

2 Months of nirvana, careless life, junkiest junk food, unending booze and a small but most welcomed chance to relive the golden days ;-), Bachelor Again days.

She has come back yesterday. Now life is back to normal track, daily responsibilities and weekends that turn into Monday instantaneously, with me wondering how Monday comes after Friday, the books were wrong. But I feel I am more than just happy, I am for the first so overjoyed that she returned back. Now I will have clean clothes to wear to office, my team mates can’t tease me for wearing the same dress to office for a whole week. I can have my morning tea before coming to office. I can finally stop wearing my socks, outside out one week and inside out another week (lol ya some other clothes too). Hehe.

But most of all I think, I am happy that my opponent boxer is back, I have missed fighting with her, and I have missed losing my free time to take her shopping. I have missed her nagging, I have missed her stupidity, I have missed her. I have missed losing my already rare freedom. This reminds me of a little small thing that I have realized over the past few months,

“Marriage sucks because you lose your freedom, but freedom is boring if your don’t have somebody to lose it over.”

Ah !!! Damn she is cleverer than I thought, she had said, before leaving, that I am gonna realize something very important about freedom. Now I know đŸ˜‰

Yes honey I am getting you the hair dryer in a moment.

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Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Today I wanted to write about Bangalore’s scum. The notorious and
dangerous auto drivers.

Every city has its scum, Bangalore has its own too. Bangalore’s scum are
the auto drivers, a nuisance on the road and a danger to other drivers
and users of the road. Its publicly accepted, everyone is frustrated of
this menace. The auto drivers have been able to escape the verdict until
today because, they at least managed to get people from point one to
point two. But now they have even stopped doing that. They don’t want to
take you where you want to go, they want to take you to where they want
to go, and for taking you to a place you don’t want to go, they want to
charge you double the meter. Lol, I guess, a lot of people will agree if
I say, auto drivers and their autos are no longer needed in Bangalore.

I guess, I miss the tricycle rickshaws, that you can see in lot of other
cities and towns in India. They are green, and let a poor guy earn a
hard day’s income. I would suggest, that auto rickshaws and their
notorious drivers be banned from riding in major city roads, and kept
off the beautiful Bangalore as far as possible.

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Monday, February 1st, 2010

Sarath’s birthday. I took my revenge.

I smeared more cake on his face, then he had done on mine during my birthday. N’e’ways the cake was so

good, the only cake that was left for him to eat at the end was on his face. Hehe.. may God bless him.

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Monday, February 1st, 2010

My home automation list is almost ready. I have also found a supplier in
marathalli to get some of the basic insteon and x10 switches. Man! Its
so difficult to find any supplier in India. And their costs are really
really really high.

I am thinking I might as well go with zigbee from NCD devices. They are
much cheaper, and come in 220v versions too. But the mesh hybrid network
can be a little complex. But heck, what does it matter, they aren’t
complex enough for me. I can solder a zigbee board myself.

Hmm.. but the decision to the final technology contender will happen as
soon as I have finalized my house blue print.

My “Janeman”, my AI for the home automation is also ready. She is built
of Charlix 0.4 and a lot of coding and programming I have done. I can’t
wait until my house is finished and Janeman 1.0 is deployed. This
reminds me, as I had predicted, apple IPAD is already out in the market
2 months earlier to my prediction. That means I can very soon get cheap
touch screens with wifi enabled for my house automation. I was also
searching for 2nd hand touch screen PDA’s, they would do the purpose

I should write a detailed description of my home automation, or probably
I will create a separate blog line for it.

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