January 31st, 2010

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Forget to write about my Land.

Bought land in Kr puram. Registration happened last November 19th, 2009. Its 3000sqft land, strategically located, beutiful surrounding and meets my dream requirements.

The back side of the land is open area belonging to a church, so it ain’t gonna be constructed ever. Its vast open lands. The other side is the market, and main road. The land is situated just by seegehalli bustand.

After 2 years of rigorous and spine breaking search, I finally got my piece of heaven. Bapi brought the side 3000sqft to my land. So between us two brothers we have 6000 sqft land, in bangalore, just 13 kms from MG road, 4 kms from kr puram railway station and 3 kms from ITPL. Finally the Hotta brothers have a permanant address outside orissa. And for me, I have got my reason to not go back to Orissa anymore, thankyou God.

The house blue prints are almost over, waiting for kuni to come back so that we can finalise the plan. I am in a deliema although as to wether to start construction immediately or wait for couple of years. One side I am so eager to go stay in my own house, while on the other end I want to hold back a little to make way for softer budget pressure. Probably a Job switch might help easen the budget pressure and get the house done.

Lets see.

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