November 7th, 2008

As promised I have brought up my new website looks. Now before you go saying ‘DUH!’ .. here is something you might want to look at, especially if you want to know more about how and what this site was built with, read on :

1. I had to upgrade backend from joomla 1.0.x to 1.5.x – Thats quite something believe me. The new joomla release is totally different from old architecture. It now uses a MVC model architecture and is way cooooooooler then before.

2. There are only say about .0005 % websites yet that actually use a design model that  I am using on this site. Well the difference between other sites and my site is, all websites use a fixed layout architecutre. Where the content containers on page are fixed to certain positions on the page. You may say ‘DUH’ gmail and yahoo pages dont ! – I will say .. yes even their designs are not position free. On my page you can drag the window around, resize, minimize and close as you like, you may place it anywhere on the screen you like. But on their pages you cant even drag a content window anywhere you want, it will realign to one of the columns. Check out for yourself.

3. This new look uses an OS like interface.

4. I am working on the code that can remember your window positions and when you reopen or revisit, the windows will be opened at positions where you had placed them before.

5.  I didnt code everything on this site, I have used something called javascript widget libraries. I will talk about them in more detail in latter articles. But here is a list of all the libraries I tried, I have designed my site with each one of them (full site i swear), then discard and move to the next one, it was painfull and loss of important work. I had to do it with each one until I finally settled on Prototype-Windows library.


b. SmartClient

c. MochaUI

d. VegUI

e. Mootools

f. Scrptaculous

g. Prototype

h. Google GWT

i.  Prototype UI

j. Prototype Windows

k. zkoss

l. dojotoolkit

m. extjs

n. backbase

o. echo

p. icefaces

q.  And quite a lot of others including protoAjax.

But  I finally setteled with the interface that I created with  Prototype windows. This site wouldn’t have been possible without opensource and its uncrowned and untold heroes. Here are a listing of few, its not full and pardon me if I have missed out on anyone 🙂



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