May 29th, 2008

Accepted offer from sungard today for lead system admin post. A new episode in life has started. I am both nervous and excited about things to come.

Ironically the name is almost similar, the office is in the same building, at the same place – where? sun microsystems, the place and company where I got my first breaktrhu and the place where I started my career in bangalore. I am back to square one, only this time with a better package and profile. Hope this has happened for the better.


This is what my brother had to say :

[7:12:17 PM] nikunh says: i am both nervous and excited … a new episode has started .. lets see how this goes
[7:12:21 PM] nikunh says: all fingers crossed
[7:13:11 PM] danish kumar hotta says: dis is wat happens whebn  u loose the touch of chngin companies
[7:13:14 PM] danish kumar hotta says: 🙂

 So true, ain't it?


Looking forward for a better future 

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